The Effects Of Magnetic Therapy

Red blood cells contain haemoglobin a molecule with four atoms of iron at its centre. It was Linus Pauling in 1936 that discovered that each red blood corpuscle has an iron atom, and that blood is paramagnetic.

Studies conducted in several countries show that if a small magnet is applied to the skin where blood flows past it eg. immediately above a vein or artery, it creates an electromotive force, which in turn generates a weak electric current in the iron atoms. This current is carried around the body and produces an influence mainly on the autonomic nervous system, causing several physiological changes to occur.

Dr Bansal and associates clinically observed that the blood stream is agitated; more thoroughly mixing toxins and cholesterol; flushing out and keeping to a minimum the waste products that normally lodge on the walls of the arteries, thus helping prevent arteries blocking, and the associated increase in blood pressure.

Circulation is improved; blood cells separate, increasing their surface area, allowing cells to pick-up more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. Blood vessels and capillaries dilate slightly, and the greater volume of blood cells increases the velocity of blood flow. Thus helping with allergies, bacterial and viral infections. Hormonal problems, metabolism disorders, fluid retention and the menopause can all be helped with the use of magnets, as can respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis also react favourably to magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Therapy can help revitalise the whole body, the increased oxygenation of blood and tissues can speed-up the body's own natural ability to heal and regenerate damaged tissue. Blood pressure and pulse do not change significantly during treatment.

Numerous experiments using magnets have been performed on humans, animals, plants, and live tissue. Such experiments have established that living creatures are not harmed by exposure to these magnetic forces.

Wear on Left Wrist

Kidney Complaints

Painful Periods

varicose Veins



Travel Sickness

Water Retention


Knee Problens

Poor Circulation

Digestive Problems

Painful Thumbs

Respitory Thumbs

Respitory Problems

Back Ache


Wear on the Right Wrist

Tennis Elbow

Neck Pains

Muscular Pains




Frozen Shoulder

Sexual Imbalances


Tension Problems




Arthritic Pain


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